ISTAGE Script Writing Masterclass

From Inception to Production. You will learn the ISTAGE Master Writing Formula to enhance your skills and expand your potential.

About this event

Only 16 to 20 applicants will be accepted into this program.

Tymika M. Chambliss, international award winning filmmaker, director, screenplay writer, and playwright has developed an online, weekly, hands-on course called The ISTAGE Master Writing Formula Class and Production Development Class.

The class includes 3 options for students to choose:

1. 12-week ISTAGE Writing Formula Master Class (intense virtual coaching)- $1200

  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Develop an effective script outline
  • Develop an effective beat sheet
  • Learn how to break down the creative process into components
  • Produce a polished and pitch-ready script for stage or film
  • Expand and grow your creativity and confidence
  • Turn Your Idea Into a Screenplay
  • Explore What Makes Movies Award Winners
  • Develop Compelling Characters
  • Structure Your Screenplay
  • Learn Techniques That Make Scenes Leap Off The Page
  • Polish Your Screenplay
    Discover Resources To Help Get Your Screenplay Noticed
    You will write a complete script for theater or film. We will adopt a professional writers room process in which you’ll write, share your work for professional review, share feedback with your peers and revise your work with the feedback you receive from your coach and peers. I will teach you how to expand your creativity and improve your writing skills.

2. Production Development and On-Set Training (virtual and in-person coaching)- $2200

  • Includes 12-week ISTAGE Master Writing Formula Class
  • 2 month Production Development and On-Set Film Training
  • Discover the art of film production with a production team
  • Understand the fundamentals of film and television production
  • Spend time on a live movie set alongside production professionals
  • Develop your resume and your IMDB page with a genuine, guaranteed film credit


3. Produce Your First Award-Winning Short Film- $3200

  • Includes ISTAGE Master Writing Formula Class and Production Development Class
  • Learn how to develop your film budget
  • Learn the art of Casting your film
  • Learn the art of fundraising
  • Learn how to create an effective pitch deck and treatment
  • Get connected with film crews for production and post-production
  • Produce your short film (student is responsible for all production cost)
  • Learn how to navigate through thousands of film festivals
  • Create and host your movie premiere

Only 12 to 18 applicants will be accepted into this program.