Legends of Skyward Bay


In 2016, Dr. Amadi Eesulola, an aquatic archaeologist for The ACARG (Africa’s Coastal Aquatic Research Group)went on a deep-sea excavation, in search of slave ship wreckage. During his excavation, he found the primordial shared that had been buried under layers of debris for centuries. He brought the stone back to his lab, not knowing that the stone is activated by solar energy, The Sun. The more he cleaned the stone, the more it began to glow and reveal ancient symbols. As the symbols began radiating onto the walls of the lab, the stone started shaking. The glow grew larger and Dr. Eesuloa realized, the stone is going to explode. He screams “GET OUT!!!!”

His 16 year old twin boys, Amed and Ahmad, were in the next room, celebrating their birthday. They heard theirfather scream and simultaneously, they heard a loud explosion. Without any time to run, Amed shielded hisbrother Ahmad. As the boys screamed for help, shards from the Primordial Shard piercing Amed’s back, while theenergy from the stone seeped into Ahmad’s finger tips. The boys survived but their father did not.

The shards melted into Amed’s skin, giving him powers to control the energy sources of the planet. Whereas,Ahmad received cosmic energy powers, from the sun.

Amed went on to become LEGEND. Ahmad went on to be 2nd best.