Ruined X


Judge Rex Charles is set to become TN’s next governor until The BlackSatin Gloves sabotages his life and ruins his career. Now he has to figure out how to clear his name.

The Black Satin Gloves are on the hunt for their next victim and Rex Charles is on their list.
Rex Charles, Judicial Board judge and candidate for the 2022 Governorrace, has worked hard to build a life of prestige, wealth, and notoriety. Hiswife, Professor Malia Charles, of 3 years, is his top priority and partner insuccess. Faithfulness and honesty are the pillars of his life.

After 1 bad decision, Rex faces serious allegations of infidelity, murder,and lies. How will he vindicate his name when the evidence against him isclear? Was it a set-up? Did he experience a memory lapse? Rex Charles isin trouble and someone made a special effort to guarantee he never runs for office again, loses his reputation, and loses his wife. Within 48 hours, Rex went from being The Man to being Ruined.

Ruined is a sophisticated, yet grimy, suspense crime thriller. Captivating, raw, and dramatic with hardcore cinematography, luxury landscapes, realistic action sequences, and jaw-dropping elements.

Traditionally, Americans have ritualized watching movies and tv shows as a way of socializing and escaping reality. RUINED is a ground-breaking movie series that will captivate audiences from all walks of life.

RUINED: Twice Blind, the prelude to RUINED, will be released

March 31, 2022, and is already receiving award-winning buzz.

Audiences love movies like the Oceans Series. We believe our series will have the same long loyal following for decades to come.