James Boudreaux, a successful stock trader, and cryptocurrency investor finds himself entangled in a web of lies when one past mistake becomes a present challenge, jeopardizing his future.

The TOXIC Series explores a unique storyline that is slowly becoming a household topic in black homes… the stock market. The foundations of the story revolve around surviving past mistakes, building empires, and relationships woes. No matter how rich you become, the past always has a way of creeping back in.

James, an ex-drug dealer, and his best friend Levan, ex-star basketball player, have an interesting, checkered past. During their senior year of high school, James asked Levan to discard a bag of trash, not knowing the trash was crack cocaine. After following the instructions of his best friend, Levan was arrested for drug possession, disqualifying him from receiving a full basketball scholarship to Duke University. While Levan spent the next 15 years in prison, James fled to Memphis, TN, became a college graduate, father of 2, successful self-taught stock trader, engaged, and is now preparing to purchase land for his multi-million-dollar brokerage firm. Levan, on the other hand, lost everything.

James vowed to hire Levan, teach him the stock game, and support his return to “normal” life but Levan’s “good guy” persona is gone; jail unleashed the beast within. Levan wants revenge!
James turned his life around but now he realizes, it’s impossible for a good man to be king.

TOXIC is a gritty, urban drama series. Raw and dramatic with hardcore cinematography, luxury, black wealth, urban landscapes, realistic action sequences, and real-life experiences.
Traditionally, American households have ritualized watching shows and movies as a way of socializing and temporarily escaping reality. TOXIC is a unique series that will captivate audiences with its complex plot, relatable characters, and stunning storylines.
People from all walks of life fell in love with the characters from the StartUp series. Currently, it is considered as one of the best series on Netflix.

We believe our series will have the same long loyal following for seasons to come because not only will we entertainment, but we will use each episode to educate the viewers on stocks and cryptocurrency.